Add-on sections and accessories to aid installation and protect your dock are made with the same commitment to quality.

Both our aluminum and steel frame docks make extensive use of engineered structural components to reduce weight without sacrificing strength.

The strength of our basic components provides a solid foundation for expansion and gives you the flexibility to create almost any dock layout you can imagine. 

Our Design and Construction

At AB Lifts we design and provide you with a quality engineered dock system specific for your waterfront location. As with any building project, general design is very site-specific. 

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Aluminum models use 1/8” plate aluminum along with center supports and crossbars for added strength. Robotic welders ensure consistent, high-quality welds throughout the supporting structure. 

AB Lifts and Docks

We provide the best quality aluminum frame dock on the market. These premium aluminum docks are the perfect solution to handle your ever-changing level of water fluctuation and provide a safe platform for your waterfront enjoyment. You have the option of building the dock yourself, or AB Lift's trained staff can assemble your products for you.

Hewitt Lifts and Roll-A-Docks 

Hewitt Docks

Leisure, recreation, utility – Whatever brings you to the water’s edge, you can count on Hewitt docks for safety and durability every step of the way. There’s a Hewitt dock system ideally suited for the terrain and water characteristics of your property.

Safety and enjoyment of your dock is the focus of Hewitt Manufacturing. The docks we build are low maintenance and designed to make installation and removal as easy as possible.