AB Lifts and Docks

Manual winches are equipped with large diameter hand wheels and spinner knobs for faster, easier operation. 

​Hewitt lifts are built to last.​


Emphasis on Easy Operation

​The lifts we build are low maintenance and designed to make installation and use as easy as possible.​

Every type of Hewitt lifting mechanism is optimized to work with minimal effort. 

Hewitt Lifts and Roll-A-Docks 

​Overall safety and enjoyment of your lift is the focus of Hewitt Manufacturing. ​

Hewitt Lifts

​​​Hewitt manual winches are specifically sized and geared to the capacity of the lift for safe operation. 


​Hewitt Lifts have earned a reputation for being the most durable and stable in the industry.​


Standard boat cradles, unless otherwise specified, are made from a non-scratch plastic and wood fiber composite. 

Standard bunks are made from pressure-treated lumber and covered with premium grade marine carpeting for scratch protection.

Electric winches raise and lower lifts with the flip of a switch and hydraulic systems feature the ultimate convenience of wireless remote control.


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Protecting your prized possession

Whether it’s a tournament ski boat, pontoon, personal watercraft or high performance speed boat, Hewitt Manufacturing has a boat lift perfectly sized, equipped and priced for your needs. Hewitt lifts keep your watercraft convenient and ready while protecting them from the damaging effects of prolonged exposure to waves, algae and floating debris. Hewitt canopies provide additional protection, shielding your boat from rain, hail and sun.